Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's been a long time!

I am suppoused to be studying now, but the truth is that I am gettin a little bit tired of all the muscles and bones.
There has been quite a lot going on, though I am affraid it wasn't that intresesting as to post it here.
I have started with University and I love it. Right now we are focusing in Anatomy and Physiology and it can't really get more interesting than this! Or maybe Preclinic I... hard to say.
I have met wonderful people and I feel at home in school. We got our clothes not so long ago and it turned out to be really amusing to see each other all dressed up as nurses, some of the guys already looked like ones.
Not so much time to write because mostly of the times I am online I find myself trapped in the school learning plattform, it turned out to be more addictive than facebook!!! I am so sounding like a total geek... :(
The girls are growing so fast! Olivia turned 2 on September 2nd and we had a little party at home. We had a lovely time with our friends and their kids. She wanted a snail-cake which I translated into "a cake with a snail on", so that's what she got. Big sister came up very upset and pointed out that my snail was wrong! the eyes are not in the face... Ok, my little biologist had a point, but it wouln't have looked cute with eyes on the antenas.
As crazy as it seems, Emily is fascinated with the skeleton, she sits with me and memorize names for bones over and over again. She even wants to sit right next to me when I am watching the clases!!
I gott get going now but I will try to post a little more often.