Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Practice is over and also is the first year...

This six months in College were very, very stressing. First we had theory with scientific papers to write, essays and more... then came the practice, which was actually more fun than I could have ever imagined. My leader was a very cool, funny and smart nurse who had the talent to make me feel secure and comfortable. The patients were as interesting as they could get, both when it comes to personalities and diseases... (it might sound kinda wrong to say that some diseases are more intresting than others but they are...)
I have learned a lot in this period but the most important thing is that I enjoyed every moment.
The last exam was done and even when I can't really guess if I did kind of OK or totally failed (there were a few weird questions) I am officially on vacations until I get the results and find out if I have to study for August or not.
Now It's time to summer job, I had a curse Monday and Tuesday and will have my first official working day on Thursday... Hope I enjoy it... but if not there is always a paycheck to cheer one up...