Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some "today's stuff", I guess

I usually write about the family here, and all the crazy things the girls do, or what I bake, but today I feel like writing a little bit about me and my own life. The life I have besides being a mom and a wife.
The practice at the clinic is almost over, just two more days just when I was getting comfortable and I knew most of the regular patients. It is sad but it means that I am getting closer to graduation and that is both scary and awesome. 
In this time I've learned to take patients all by myself, give advise, take away stitches, notice when a wound is healing properly and when it is on it's way to get infected, I've trained taking blood samples and making hemoglobin and glucose tests, give injections and vaccines and most of all, to listen to the patients. I've loved every day at the clinic and I am so thankful for having been able to be a part of it and for all the guide and support I've had from my instructor and the rest of the staff.
I had my final examination in the practice today and it went great, so now is one final test, one seminary plus10 more days of practice at pediatric care and the second year is over.
I have started working also, I won't formally work until the 11th of June but I have been going to work for training. I will be working in a retirement home, that kind of makes me sad in a way... I want to help people to recover, to get healthy again, to be good and have good lives and being with old (and I mean really, really old) people, reminds me that their journey is coming to it's end. 
The other day I was thinking about that and realized that we are so innocent in that respect. We are so sure that we have more days than the elderly and the truth is that we do not know. Whatever... Not so much into thinking about life and death today.
I feel that I am growing as a person and this profession is giving me the opportunity both to serve and help others and to develop empathy, love and caring not only for people around me but also towards myself. I am a huge believer in that when we lose ourselves in the service of others we find happiness in our own lives, and I am not talking about putting myself at the end of the list (because that is a defect and I truly need to make more progress in that) I just believe with all my heart that when we look at others to find the best in them and we focus our attention on the people around us rather than in ourselves and our trials and our problems and our dramas, life not only becomes surprisingly easy but so much more worth it, so much more fulfilling and fun... At the end of the day, what we do and give to others, we do and give to ourselves.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I am a cruel mom!!

Emily's favorite flower
It was a lovely sunny day today, Summer is finally on its way and I really hope it is not like last year (we had rain 80% of the time) When everybody was home, me after my practice, Nicklas after work and the girls back from kinder we went to the backyard and just enjoyed the weather meanwhile we waited for the sausages to get ready in the barbecue.
The girls were playing hide and seek but both of them wanted to hide. I was really tired (still am) because I worked night both Friday and Saturday and I got up at 6 am today (totally jetlagged, I have to say). They asked me to look for them to what I replied: "Why don't you both hide and the the first one to get bored of being hiding can come out and look for the other one" They are so innocent! they got very excited about the new game and played it all afternoon... I felt so cruel! But I cannot stop smiling. These girls of mine are just too cute and nice for having a mom like me! I love them so much and I have so much fun with them! (and I really didn't mean to ridicule them, I was just trying them to beg me to play...) I'm cruel!