Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I just have to post this

It's been so long! I have a lot I want to post about. The girls figure skating show, Emily's teeth, school!!! OMG school and the stupid paper..., Disney on Ice, and well... a lot really but I don't have time today. The last month writing anything that wasn't the paper for college seemed sacrilegious.
I just have to post this, you know, talking about this silly things we do makes me realize that life is so much more than obligations, chores, school, work...
The girls got the habit of calling people they like silly names, and I loved it! Olivia is now Oly-Bolly (and I laugh every time because it makes me think of olibollen, the dutch pastry... my sweet little girl looks like a very unfortunate one being so skinny) Emily is Emy-penny (it was hard to find a Swedish word that would rhyme with her name, and it suits her since she saves every crown she gets) and Nicklas is... tah-dah! Pappa-Natta (and YES! if you know Spanish you know why he got it! it's so funny!!! alternatively he is called Grumpy-bumpy)
And no, I didn't get my silly name yet! You might suggest one by leaving a comment. 
Now I gotta leave dinner ready and go to work!