Friday, May 13, 2011

Hi Guys!
It's been a very long time. I have been crazy with the practics, the studying (or pretending to study), the kids and so much more.
It feels like I am running out of energy but I am sure that it'll be fine at the end. I am longing for my vacations, not exactly for relaxing... I have a summer job!! Feels great to have found a job and all, I am so greatful that things are going so well! Obviously there is a downside to all and in this case is just the tiny little detail that I am not going to have one week off! I have my big final exam the 9th of June and I start my first day at work the 13th... If you know me you know that I have been waiting far too long for this kind of chaotic life... I'm just the type who needs to keep busy.
And guess what? I have found a great site online where to buy my nametag for this and all the practices to come! Emily helped me choose the color and of course it ended up being lilac (only because unfortunately they didn't have pink... although it looks black on the photo) LOVE IT!
If you are looking for a place where to get your nametag done, order here
They make all kind of signs, I was actually thinking about ordering some for the girls bedroom... 
I just couldn't help it, I HAD TO HAVE A REAL ONE, plus, they were pretty cheap and it took 3 days to have it delivered in my mail box.
I gotta go now... Promise i'll write more and better next time, and it won't take this long again...