Friday, July 30, 2010

Out and walk!

It was really bad weather yersterday, one of those days where one can almost breath the sadnes. Deep blue gray sky, wind, raind a little bit now and then; those kind of rains that get you all wet but which are to little and too insignificant for taking and umbrella.
I was getting panicky home so I dressed up the girls and took them to town, 2,2 km away from home, pushing the stroller with the standing board attached at the back so that Emily can jump on whenever she gets tired. She decided that it was best to save her energy for the mall so I pushed them both all the way.
Once there we looked around in what is Emily's and my favorite store... can you guess? YEAH!!!, paper, pens and hobby stuff!! I simply love that place (Söderslätts bok & papper)
We ended up in the mall as there is absolutely nothing else to do in town here and run into Stanke, an old friend from the SFI (Swedish for immigrants) times. She was my first friend in Sweden, and I was hers.
It was lovely to get together and catch up on our lives!
Isn't it weird? Two good old (not that they are old, but that we've met kind of a long time ago) lovely friends in two days!
That made my day! meeting them was a little bit like meeting my old me... certainly, that old me who was a friend to them has been really missed, so I hope she comes to stay...
After that there was not so much going on, it was a pretty lazy day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poor little thing...

No, NO, No!! I am not talking about myself! I found a bird sitting on my front steps yersterday morning. I took a closer look and found out that he only had one and a half wings, almost like the ABBA song "Chiquitita", but this little fellow didn't sing nor fly nor breathe again.
It turned out that the wing had been eaten by a hawk and as we all know, wings do not grow back, so the poor little thing never told the tail and Nicklas' dad broke his neck in an act of mercy. The End...
After the sad ending of the little bird whose grave became nothing but a dog poopy bag, we went for a bycicle ride with the girls. They sitting behind us. A whole hour it took and they weren't tired of it...
Today was a much easier day. My friend Lollo came home for a visit, it had been so so so long since we last met! I really love her, she is awesome and I hope we can make us the time to visit each other more often.
Nothing more I'm affraid... I just whish the bird wouldn't have spent the last energy it had left in running away from me when I came out with the camera, didn't photo it after because I thought it would be kinda sick to post a photo of a bird my father-in-law had just killed... wouldn't it?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I should probably write when something DOES happen... or?

Ok, my whole theory of how interesting life can get is going down the toilette. Today? A trip to the bank followed by the supermarket, some rounds with Indi and salmon with bulgur salad, which might sound sofisticated but it is actually one of my tipical "fast foods", ready in 25 minutes!
Other than that, half an hour in the playground and a little bit of tv.
On the other hand, if I post what went on inside of my head today I might get a book as thick and hard to read as the Ulises by Joyce, though absolutely not so well writen... to be honest I don't think it would turn out readable.
I should probably post a "life update" on days like this, shouldn't I?

Just another boring Sunday....

Why are Sundays such boring days? I miss the time when I spent half of the day at Church. At that time not only I had something to do all morning but I came home fullfilled. Ok, to be honest, it could happen that I came more stressed out because of some unfortunate comment.
Anyway, Sundays are boring for most people and it was one of those days yesterday. The most exciting thing that happened was that Olivia got her first hair cut. I was very reluctant at the beginning. I don't know why I am so attached to my girls hair... It literaly hurts to cut it! But she wanted to have it just like Emily and so i had to put my pain away (as I usually do when it comes to doing something the girls want) and cutted the beautiful, soft, babyhair...
She was so happy! That made it worth it but I stick to what I said the day Emily was born, "first real hair cut at their fifth birthday".
Am I the only one with that obsession? Everybody here thinks that I am some kind of a lunatic... yeah, yeah, I am!
Besides that, the ironing,the EVERYDAY cleaning that I have to do because of our lovely golden retriever who sheds like a maniac, nothing happened.
I got mad at Nicklas because he was watching his third soccer game of the day (shouldn't one be enough?) and went to the basement to read my old journals.
Oh my gosh! there were so many things I had forgotten... I was wild! Gotta make sure they are put away from my kids reach before they are teenagers... Not because I pretend to paint them the wrong picture of who I was as a teen, but they won't need any more ideas, will they?

PS: It looks wrong but once it was settled it came out straight, I will post new pics later.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New blog, new life?

I have been thinking about a new blog since a while ago, mostly because I wanted to have things organized. What this is going to be is a blog about my life, ups and downs of my daily rutine and the wonderful experiences that one can get in life, when looking at it closely enough.
So no, no new life after all, but hopefuly a new way to share it. I've always thought that the most boring of the lives has the potential to become the most interesting one... I think I am trying to prove myself right (or wrong...?)
Anyway, I believe this will be the perfect place to take a pick on my life and perhaps, only perhaps, it will give you a clue about who I am and why I always say that I am not so normal.
Hope you enjoy...

PS: Is anybody really reading this?