Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Help, A Big Difference

I have been thinking a lot and came up to the fact that a man that can cook is not one of my priorities when it comes to choosing a partner. I love cooking the meals my family eats. Despite the job, the stress and the routine of cooking everyday, there is something about seeing them enjoying the meals I've prepared that my hearts translates into a demonstration of my love for them.
The problem, the real problem comes when I have to plan the dinners. I had run out of imagination and looking in cooking books always ends up with that I have to change half of the recipe because there is always some ingredient someone does not like.
Last Sunday, though, I thought that this was it, my imagination was completely empty and I had no way to refill it, so I sat everybody on the couches, took paper and pen and started:
"You are now going to choose one meal each, taking turns, and we will plan for 15 days. When you choose the meal you have to take into account what others in the family like and there has to be a variety, i.e. veggies, fish, chicken, biff, rice and pasta. You will also have to think about what the other chose, so we don't eat the same two days in a row. OK?"
They LOVED it! not only that but the kids (and Nicklas too) are really happy when it's their meal day.
So here's the menu, in case you too, like me, have run out of cooking ideas:
(starting on Monday 19)
Beet root salad, Swedish style
  • Prince - sausages with beet root salad
  • Spaghetti with bolognese sauce
  • Fish burgers in whole wit buns (with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers)
  • Whole wit pizza (one with tuna and the other one with ham)
  • Meatballs with potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce
  • Roasted pork with chimichurri and baked potatoes
  • Italian pasta 
  • Goulash soup with garlic bread
  • Chinese Sweet & sour chicken with rice
  • Milanesas a la napolitana with sallad
  • Tacos
  • Oven grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and salad
  • Biff wok and rice

And just that little became such a great help for me! I have to say that I am really thankful to have kids whose favorite menus aren't macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. I think they made a really good job and I am so happy to know exactly what to cook!
If you would like to have any of the recipes just leave a comment and I'll post it for you. All of the meals are really easy and fast to make. A huge Hi Five to my girls and husband!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Spooky Night

The 31st of October (and I am sorry I post it so late but I had two horrible tests for which I didn't study enough) Nicklas send a text saying that he had bought Halloween cupcakes for dessert and asking me to organize a spooky night for the girls.
We made our efforts and turned off all the lights, I dressed up like a ghost and haunted the girls around the house. They were not a bit scared, of course, but then Nicklas started to tell scary stories and we got some reaction.
Emily took out all of her science brain and started to explain paranormal activity with the eloquence of the best skeptic. It was funny to see how she tried not to sound scared and explained everything. Frustrated, she finished her speech with "It's stupid to talk about ghosts! they are not real!"
Olivia, on the other hand, joined us in the story telling and came up with her own spooky stories. She has such a lively imagination! She told three complete stories all of them with beginning, middle and end! 
My girls are so different in so many ways, yet they are equally talented and awesome.
Then the funny part came when they followed daddy to find the hidden treasure, opened the box and found ghost cupcakes.
It was not a perfectly planned scary night, and it was not scary at all, but mom and dad got A for effort and the cupcakes were really yummy.

Nothing like cupcakes and hot chocolate, specially when wearing your pjs