Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation is over

Playground in Albäcksskogen, big favorite right now.
Today is going to be my first day at work, I have been there a few times to learn the routines and meet the elderly, BUT... yeah, it's me writing people! did you expect a post without a but? you've got to be kiddin'. Whatever. The catch is that I have been two days working on the C department and it is very little I am going to work there, so this sounds a lot like fun, not! For me surely, but not for my coworkers who will have to explain everything (certainly more than once). 
So these were my three completely free days, no job no school. What did I do? Well... to begin with I cleaned all the windows, we don't have that many, it's a small house but they were really dirty so I had to wash and polish. Then I painted the kitchen, same colour but it needed to be freshened up and most of all, Olivia's art had to be removed. Don't judge! it was hard enough with daily chores and school so the walls were "decorated" for over a year. since the kitchen looked so much better, I painted the living room, too (same reason but only one tiny little pencil "art", the rest was just... I don't know, it didn't look new painted and that bothered me. 
I took the girls to town on Saturday morning and got them some clothes and summer shoes, they grow up so fast! Then they had their first swim in the pool, so lovely they were and they had so much fun! But it is Sweden and it was cold so we filled it up with warm water. I have no pics though. Sorry for the miss.
On Sunday we went to Malmö and got Olivia her first scooter (no pics of that either, I suck!) A stop by in Albäcksskogen and then lunch. After that they went to the playground in their scooters (with Daddy) and I stood home fixing up the mess. 
And that was it... three days. 
We'll see what we can come up to this summer.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Perfect Day

Last Friday we went to Denmark to spend the day, and here are some pics of the wonderful, marvelous, funny, sunny, warm and perfect day!

Happy Feet

Look mom, I am riding Alex!

Not so easy to get such a beautiful smile to the camera from Emily

I love their astonishment

Emily in wonderland

And this is Olivia's personality in a picture (when she does not have low glucose)

A ride on the Ladybug

OK.. too much junk food for a day

but Olivia didn't seem to mind...

the secret photo (Nicklas doesn't know he is on it, shh)