Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emily and Olivia's first Lucia

The 13th of December is Lucia day in Sweden. It's kind of long to explain and there are more than one version of the begining and the meaning of it, let's just say it's a Swedish tradition where kids get all dressed up (some of them like KKK members, which is kind of creepy, others like Santa or Santa's little helpers and others, like my kids, just put on "Lucia's night dress and hold a candle) and sing Lucia songs and xmas carols.
The 13th was Emily's and the 14th Olivia's cellebrations in daycare and of course I had to miss them!!! Why? Because I am a terrible, terrible mother who had to be in College both days!!!
Thanks to grandma and grandpa I have it on DVD and could watch it and cry over and over again the next weekend.
Here are some of the pics.

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