Friday, January 21, 2011

What's up?

Finally it's over... just the first term, and the second term? starting on Monday... Why is it that I bring up College every single time? How boring can one get? The truth is that we haven't had so much going on here except for a few vomits and quite too many visits to the bathroom from Emily and Olivia who got the stomachflu just on time before my finals... They are ok now, they have even eaten good today and fortunatelly no changing sheets and pijamas and giving baths in the middle of the night... the mom? exhausted...
I am so anxious planing Emily's B-day on february! She hasn't picked up a theme for the cake so I thought I could choose it by myself this year... we'll se what comes out of it.
And I turn 35... That's a whole lot of years... I cannot but asking myself what I have done with all those, almost 12,800 days of life I've had... went to kindergarden, primary school, High school... made half way to become a chemical technician, not my stuff; change to pedadogy and finished. Tried to get in Medical School, failed by Physics... not again... changed religion, made one year in Psychology, served as a missionary in Patagonia (been to Cutral Co, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Ushuaia and San Martin de los Andes) and spent some of the greatest 19 months of my life, came back, got married, started International Business, not my thing... worked as an English teacher in a high School (and a lot of other things as well), started English in the University, moved to Holland for 3 months, moved to Spain for a month, back to Argentina and my job as a teacher, got divorced, moved to Scotland, move to Sweden, studied Swedish, got two wonderful kids,started Nursing... I haven't done much!!! what on earth happened with all those 12,800 days???
I got depressed... but from all I have done there are two little people who summarize it all in just one sentence "I have done two of the greatest of wonders" and I am happy, and with that alone, I feel I have succeded... Lame? maybe... it works for me!

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