Wednesday, July 13, 2011

trip to Ringsjöstrand


"Look mom! I'm a sloth!!!"

I think I can, I think I can... but I'm scared to death...

My two little mermaids (both called Ariel, obviously)

I am tired of wainting for the marshmallows!
I am almost sure that the whole idea of the GPS came when a very unfortutate drive decided to drive somewhere in the middle of Sweden. I cannot believe that anyone could get the signs so confusing!!! So thank you, whoever you are, for inventing the wonerful GPS and thanks to you who came up with the idea of putting it in a mobile phone!! Brilliant!
Since Nick was going to pick up some pipes for the fireplace somewhere up in Skåne, he came up with the idea of turning it into a family trip to Ringsjö.
In the way we found out that Olivia gets sick in long car trips... not the best way to find out about it but one of the only ones I'm affraid... But mom was very well prepared so she didn't panic and changed the outfit, washed the car sit and sprayed som air freshener.
It was a very lovely day I have to say... I just can't get enough of seeing the girls enjoying themselves and having a good time. They jumped into the lake, climbed and jump in the playgrounds and we barbacued sausages and marshmallows (that should be another post because believe it or not we drove around like crazy just to find a place where barbacueing was allowed and ended up turning the tiny little thing in the middle of a national park...we had to play stupid and ignore the signs since the girls were about to have an hypoglycemic coma) 
Anyway... best day of the year so far... here are some pics... I have one on a curled up sausage but it is far too embarrassing to post it... 

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  1. Hej!!! Vilken fin blogg du har , du med. Dina töser är jättesöta! Jag har lagt till mej som följare på din sida.
    Njuter av min ledighet i fulla drag, och vädret det är på min sida! Vi ses snart på jobb igen..