Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Pics

Here are some pics from the Christmas week...
Not in the mood to write a long post, enough to say that we all got the flu but I am the only one with a remaining headache, eight days and counting now... I accept suggestions on witchcraft or shamans or whatever! I need it to be over soon or I will become a bitter, resented, sad, depressed, cynical freak. (And the reason why I am not in the mood for writing is because the process is speeding up like a maniac)
Chronic pain = bad mood. (period)   

Opening the tree

decorating the tree

decorating the tree with the flu

daddy had to help

my marzipan snowman

and my marzipan Santa's helper

and all the things the girls and I made with marzipan (and ate the rest, obviously)

the gingerbread house

and all of the above

the kitchen through the tree

the tree

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