Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emily's B-day party!

Emily had her party on feb 12th. Since our house is not that big and it is impossible to have the kids playing in the backyard with a few degrees below 0 and the rooftops being literally blown away (there has been more than a few unfortutate families who lost part of their rooves, no kidding), we decided to have it in a place called Kulhuset. I was convinced it was the most brilliant of the ideas until I found out that I was suppoused to look after 12 almost unknown kids aged 3 to 5 in a place with more than 60 little angels... Don't worry! they all survived and came back home safe and sound... and to their own families, too! Although it was a little hard to count how many had already gone home...
What really counts is that Emily had a great time and they went to bed very early! Gosh I am mean!

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