Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And so it goes when I have nothing to say...

I don't really have a lot to write about. I have basically been working and cleaning the house, and then cleaning the house and working after that... G my life is so exciting! I don't even have anecdotes or funny comments from the girls. 

It was a pretty good day at work last Sunday, though. You'll see, I get along well with all the people I have worked with so far, but as it usually is the case, I feel more comfortable with some of them. It has nothing to do with how nice they are or how friendly... they are all great I have to admit. But with this girl we are annoyingly efficient and fast. Yesterday morning, by 11:30 we hade the laundry done, the breakfast stuff dished and in it's place, 8 bathrooms cleaned and dessert ready, so there was nothing to do and the elder had all gone to their rooms to take a nap before lunch. We started making cute name tags for the table, with colour papers and small stickers that I took with me. They turned out really pretty and all of them loved it, they were so excited with such a silly detail, I almost felt a little gilty... The thing is that we made their day and then I started thinking about how I used to do those silly, apparently unimportant things all the time. 
 When I fist came I would make a little card or a decorated note for Nicklas every day, but for him it was an unnecesary waste of time and a very stupid thing to do. He never thanked for them, he didn't like it and I am thankfull he was honest about it... kind of brutally honest I would have said 8 years ago. As a result I stoped with that, not only I didn't make them for him but I figured he was right and I was one naive, silly, fairy-tale believer, childish, hopeless romantic, people pleaser moron to whom nobody deared to say the truth about her bothersome pretty notes and elaborated home made cards for not reason at all... so I killed the Hallmark girl and buried her 6 feet under ground. 

The stupid event from yesterday made me think that some people DO like those gestures and really appreciate them, and encouraged me to make my scrapbooks and start crafting again. 
Since we were so fast yesterday we had all and a little more done by 3 pm, which meant that we could take 1 hour break all at the same time and not split it in two 30 mins. So I went to the park across the street with my copy of Heaven Is Here and read for the whole hour. I had forgotten how I felt when I read (and I mean when I read for pleasure and not for school) The world desappeared and I felt so relaxed and in peace! I missed that feeling, I missed the Hallmark girl! Why did I change the things that made me feel good just because someone thought they were useless and a waste of time? 
My bad! 

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