Friday, October 5, 2012

Free days comming to an end

Last Tuesday I had my last test for the first course of the last year in College: Theory and Methods in Nursing Science III. I am glad to say I have passed it, although I don't have a clue about the first test of the course... wait and see I'm afraid. When it comes to College, the sad truth is that "good things, not always, come to those who wait"

The thing is that, since I was ready with the (pretty boring in deed) course, I took some days off and stood home with the girls pretending that I am a stay at home mom. I had made so many wonderful plans! Truth is that things do not always turn out the way we want them to. 

Olivia had an audiometry on Wednesday and we went to town afterwards. We got some clothes for them and we were supposed to eat in Subway after but Olivia got impossible and we headed back home to noddle soup.

Thursday was kind of O.K., we started doing some Halloween decorations (let me be clear on this one, I do not like to celebrate a holiday that is either an Argentinean nor Swedish tradition but TV won over me and the girls are saying over and over again that it is their favorite holiday after X-mas)  but we missed black card stock which we didn't buy on Wednesday because of Olivia's misbehaving, so we just made one pumpkin, a kinda cool one, I have to admit. The girls lost their patients in the "glue drying process", turned on the TV and laid on the couches to watch cartoons. Not my idea of a crafting evening but they were tired so I sat in front of the lap top and did nothing at all.

I woke up all restless today and determined to have a much better day so we got all dressed up and went to town again (in the rain and wind) to get the missing card stock, some kite paper and... oh yeah! nail polish for me. We eat out and had some ice cream (that one NOT in the rain and wind) and came back to have some hot chocolate and watch my favorite Disney movie ever: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. I found it in the store for a very good price, so I bought it! 

The Halloween decorations will have to wait until tomorrow and Sunday, and probably the weekend to come since the Preclinical Course III starts on Monday and it is going to be a very intense one.
I will post the pics of whatever we make as soon as they are ready, for now it's just one pumpkin and some card stock.

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