Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The haircut

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from kinder. My heart raised to 140 b/min and the most horrible thoughts crossed my mind in the blink of an eye. "One of them had an accident" "One of them has gotten sick" "Just don't let it be serious, please, please, please..."
I answered with my heart in my throat and heard it was one of Olivia's teacher.

"I just want to tell you that Olivia cut her hair"
"She and her friend have cut their hair"
"What? I don't really understand" -it was hard not to sound too stupid but I just couldn't believe my ears, why would Olivia cut her own hair when she was trying so hard to grow it as long as Rapunzel's? And then, why would the teacher call to say that unless she had practically made herself bald? I got a little panicky...
"It's not that bad, but I just wanted you to know before you pick her up"

And I was studying and thinking about my little girl's gorgeous hair all destroyed.

It was not that bad after all... The thing is that her friend -who is even wilder than my Olivia- managed to sneak out some scissors after lunch. They hid and cut their own hair so they would have the same length. As a result, Olivia got half of her hair short and half long so I had to cut it after the bath. 

The positive is: 
  1. They didn't hurt themselves
  2. It was not Olivia's idea
  3. It was not Olivia who sneaked out the scissors
  4. She will never do it again
  5. It wasn't that bad
  6. It was not under my supervision
  7. It was only hair.
Telling the story for the camera (although it was a photo) It was pretty funny when she explained the whole thing.

And that's how she looks now

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