Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What to say...?

I have been gone for a long long time... I had a lot to do for College the last semesters and I have been facing a lot of trials and tests. Life can get hard sometimes, I suppose it kind of keeps it interesting and challenging.
What can I say? My little girls are getting bigger and smarter, I can finally have time to spend with them with no exams or papers in the back of my head! I love the feeling! 
Me? After three long years I am ready with school! I am a NURSE! I am proud of what I have accomplished, it hasn't been always easy. It is a little scary at times, to think that soon I will have all the responsibility on my shoulders, no instructor to check up on me... At the same time it feels so great!
Now life is changing for me in all possible ways, today I feel like I am standing at the edge of a cleft and about to be pushed. I can see darkness, I can feel the uncertainty that awaits. I am rather scared I have to admit, but what is there to choose? It feels like someone has done it for me, but I probably, mostly certainly, gave them consent to do so... 
I am jumping, jumping to "come what may"... I hope I have grown wings of my own, wings strong enough as to carry my two little children in my arms as we fly and float, and float and fly and get blown by the wind at times... My arms are strong, that I know! My heart is brave and warm enough to protect them, comfort them and love them every minute of every day.
I am scared, but once you faced your fears, they're gone.

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