Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas season has arrived

It's bee a while since I last post something, guess I didn't have much to say. No way... I always have much to say.
Christmas is coming, it's the first advent today and here i Sweden people put up the decorations and lights on their windows. Not me this year, probably during the week, when the girls are here.
I have always loved Christmas, the glitter, the tree, the ornaments, the carols, the smells, the presents, the cards and all of that. 
When I got kids on my own things got even better, you probably think I am nuts, and you are most definitely right! But the Christmas stress people talk about, well, I loved it! Big time! Rushing to the stores and buying presents, wrapping them, making cards, and angels and stuff like that, spending the whole day cooking and cooking and baking and baking a little more! There is something about it that fills my spirit with joy. I guess it's all the giving, feeding loved ones, making things pretty, sharing... I really have no clue, I just loved it.
I somehow lost it last year, when I worked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and it has not come back, I'm afraid. 
Things are not always the way we wish they were, and I am good at making the best out of situations, so I'll fix a Christmas for my girls, just hope the long loved joy will come back, I have 24 days to make it happen. Ideas anyone?

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