Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blessed be daycare!

And so it was that the family routine chance drastically. Last Wednesday the girls started daycare. We were blessed with the transfer to one that is much nearer and has a much better reputation.
The first day we were there with them and it went quite good, the wander came when it was time to leave them alone (well, obviously they were with the teachers and a bunch of other kids) and they just waved bye bye and went on playing.
They simply love it! Olivia's teachers can't stop saying how amazing it is that Olivia speaks so much at her age... No wonder she talks, she's MY daughter. I talk to her all the time since she was born, and she's got a talkative sister as well. She is so much fun, I love the way she tells stories and tries to explain reality her own way, but sometimes I get caught in time, it was not so long ago that I had to beg someone else (that would be my niece) to please stop talking beacuse I really, really needed to think.
It's not so much time left until I start university, I am excited and got in a hurry to finish everything that I wanted to do in the summer. No way to finish in a week but we'll do what we can (and by we I mean I)

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