Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rain and boredom

There hasn't benn much going on lately. To my amusement one more friend who I haven't seen or talked to in a long time jumped back into my life. We had a great time talking with Olga and since she is the only friend I get to have some mates with, it's always nice to share some time. I just wish I could somehow show her how wonderful she is! I have a lot of blessings I never thought of, one of them is having friends. For so long I have been recluted in the silence of my home, lonely and too overwhelmed by life as to go out and live. Anyway, it is nice to see old friends again and to find a little bit of myself.
The girls have been really bored lately, the more fun they've had was riding the bicycles with mom and dad and going to the playground. I try to find some indoor activities to keep them busy and stimulated but it's not that easy. Now the rain is coming, which means that it will rain almost everyday for the next months, until de snow comes for a month or two, and then more rain until the summmer is back to stay for one or two months at the most. One has to be so creative!
Emily is in that age when she wants to hide in her own small secret place. First I made her a tent with some blankets, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Emily was thrilled, but dad kept on saying that she "couldn't play inside a blanket tent", I didn't quite understand why but that's one more prove of how different our chilhoods have been. If it wasn't "the real thing" he couldn't play, me, on the other hand had to learn to use my skills and imagination to creat what I wanted because money was not enough. I had the cheap version of the popular toys and played mostly imagination games, which I loved!. Anyway... the girls got a tent, not anyone, one that is shaped as a castle and is purple and pink... Lovely. Yesterday morning Emily came to me and asked "mom, can you build me my blanket tent?" I love her sooo much!
Besides that I found out that the 31st of August I will have to go on a long trip to the unknown: University! I have to be there at 8 in the morning and that gives me one option only, to get up at 4, take a bus to Malmö, a train to Kristianstad and a bus to the campus... To be honest, I can't wait until I am sitting on those buses and train all by myself, with all that time to think and to be able to hear my thoughts! I think it can be a little sad to say that I am longing for such a long trip to get some self time, but it is the truth since I really, honestly have only 40 minutes during Olivia's nap and an hour or two after they fall asleep and by then I am exhausted myself.
Guess that's all so far, told you nothing had happened.

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