Thursday, August 5, 2010


I waited and waited a long, long time and finally I got the news that I got in the University! I am all ready to start... that's sort of speak because I have no clue when the first lesson is, where I have to go, what I have to follow online, what books I have to buy or anything else... I just know that I am going to be having Basic Course in Medical Science, Introduction to Nursing and Preclinical course. LOVE IT!
Besides the great news...
We went to Ystadsdjurpark yersterday. It was actually Grandma's idea and I am so glad she came up with the plan. We orginized a pick-nick basquet and left.
It was lovely weather since it wasn't too warm (you might be thinking that it never gets too warm in Sweden but this year we've had almost tropical heat... And that's what we are doing to the planet) and it was sunny. We saw all the animals, the girls peted the goats, although Olivia was a little reluctant at the begining because "de är smutsiga", which means "they are dirty". I wonder where on earth she got that repulsion over dirtyness... (blame my OCD)
After a while the ponny came and Emily got to ride. The round was almost a joke, it didn't take more than 5 minutes but to see her so happy and proud of herself, so confident and feeling all grown up was woth both the waiting and the money.
They have a barn and in there they had put together some jumping stuff so kids would land on the hay, that was a lot of fun for mommy, too.
Once we had our pick-nick and got our bellies happy we drove to a huge store where they sell absolutely everything. The girls went crazy when they saw The Little Mermaid's dolls and came out as happy as on X-mas morning with their dolls and their princess' backpacks and umbrellas for daycare.
It was a very nice day and I just whish we would have a lot like that one. Call me a fanatic but I just can't have enough family time.

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