Friday, January 31, 2014

Mirror Mirror... that's how you know!

This was supposed to be a Facebook status but I got inspired or something. I just can't go to bed at 10 pm on a Friday! The girls are sound asleep after the stories and I am all alone here sitting in my gloomy kitchen, listening to music and drinking my cup of tea.

We had a nice cuddling afternoon with the girls after dinner and since it was my turn to choose Friday movie and I am really, really tired of cartoons and animations, I chose Mirror Mirror. I love Julia Roberts, she is so pretty in a non plastic kind of way... Whatever... I must have some kind of dissociative disorder when it comes to romantic movies. You'll see: I am a chick, and sometimes I act like one, I love pink, fluffy, glittery, sweet pea smelling things, I adore them and some of them even make me go Aww! with a little jump. I am a romantic. I think teddy bears are cute, oh so cute and cuddly! I like nail polish, make up, perfumes, candles, tea, chocolate, Mindy Gledhill, unicorns, butterflies, fairies and all that bunch of girly stuff.

But something happens inside of my brain when I watch a romantic movie. My girly brain loves to watch them, I even pick them up! And when the movie is over, Daria awakens... If you don't know who Daria is you are probably too young, but let me put it this way, Once upon a time, teenagers could actually watch MTV.  

Anyway... it's like a curse or a trauma or something, but romantic movies make me lose my belief in love. Why do they have to sell romance in such an unrealistic way giving girls expectations no man could ever live up to? Get real! Guys don't kill dragons, first because they don't exist (dragons, not guys), second because guys are not that brave! There are one million movies giving guys the "recipe" for keeping a girl happy and showing they care about her... How many guys do actually pay attention to that? We are talking here about beings too stubborn to ask for directions when they've been driving in circles for over an hour! like they would listen to advice on "how to show her you don't take her for granted"

So single girls out there (me included) it's OK to like romantic movies, but remember that they are not based on real stories, not even on actual facts! Guys are imperfect! WE are imperfect! guys screw up, WE screw up! and sad as it may sound, it's more likely you find Dr House than Dr Mc Dreamy. And even though, I still do believe that LOVE DOES HAPPEN. 
                                                        This is a present from my chick side 

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