Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The other day I walked through town and saw that they have planted forget-me-not in the flower beds of the park. I thought it was rather peculiar since I had never found them in any store and I have certainly looked for them.
Later that weekend, talking about plants and favorite flowers with a dear friend (mine are white lilies and forget-me-not) I told the story about these tiny, insignificant, blue, five petaled flowers that grow a little bit everywhere. 
When I was in kindergarten my mom used to pick me up and we walked home and talked and played. Everyday in the spring I would pick up a bunch of forget-me-not and give it to my mom. She would keep them all day long and every time I gave them the flowers she would say "Loli, forget-me-not". She used to say they were one of her favorite flowers, but I never knew if they really where one of her favorites or it was the fact that I picked those up for her every day on our private way from school what she actually loved.
As I was looking for a picture for this post I found a page where someone says that this tiny simple flowers come to alleviate the feelings of absence, abandonment and loneliness that we might feel by the loss of someone in our lives. I loved it, because I love the flower and because it will always bring the memories of my childhood and my beautiful mom. I loved it because it made me think that it is those simple, unnoticed little things around us that indeed have the power to ease the pain of goodbyes, of letting go, the pain of having lost someone, the heartache, the sorrow.
So this is why I love forget-me-nots, although they are wild, small, simple and probably insignificant flowers, for me they are one of the most beautiful. 

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